Undergraduate Research
in the
Arduengo Group

Undergraduate research plays an important role in the Arduengo group. The research conducted by undergraduates complements a variety of efforts within the group ranging from the scouting of prospective programs, to logistical support of on-going programs, and the prosecution of independent research programs.  Undergraduate members of the group have access to the world-class chemistry laboratories in Shelby Hall and many members also benefit from internships overseas in laboratories with which the Arduengo group has collaborations. 

Undergraduate researchers from Professor Arduengo's group have an opportunity for summer research experence in foreign laboratories. Both Joshua Dolphin and Keith Bentley were undergraduate members of Professor Arduengo's group from  Fall 2005 to 2007. Personnel exchange was a key feature of the JSPS-NSF “Core-to-Core” research program and in Summer 2006 UA's Josh Dolphin spent time in Hiroshima, Japan in the laboratories of Professor Yohsuke Yamamoto. Josh documented his experiences in his blog. On June 25, 2006  Keith Bentley left the U.S. for a summer research stay in the research group of Professor Rainer Streubel in Bonn, Germany.  This U.S./Germany exchange is sponsored by the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service). Professors Arduengo and Streubel continue to develop new collaborations and personnel exchanges in connection with their research. Dr. Arduengo's lab at the University of Alabama hosted numerous exchange visitors at all academic levels from overseas (Mr. Oliver Steinhof, Braunschweig; Mr. Hideaki Yamamichi, Hiroshima; Mr. Holger Helten, Bonn; Bianca Milde, Chemnitz; Susanne Sauerbrey, Bonn; Sven Arenz, Köln; Christoph Schinnen; Armin Auch, and Christiane Knappke, Köln).

In 2013, a special group of undergraduate researchers from The University of Alabama's Emerging Scholars Program joined the Arduengo group's research programs in the energy related sciences (chemical hydrogen storage and solar photovoltaics). As part of the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference, Brittany Allums, Connor Smith, and Wes Taylor presented some of their preliminary results on chemical hydrogen storage and photovoltaics.  Summary descriptions of that work can be found here.

During the Summer of 2013 Sarah McFann spent a Summer internship in the laboratory of Professor Yohsuke Yamamoto in Hiroshima, Japan.  Sarah's research focus in Tuscaloosa has been on dyes for nonlinear optical and photovoltaic applications.  In Hiroshima Sarah works on ligands for light activated catalysis.  Sarah decided to chronicle her experiences in Japan on her travel blog.

Exchange Experiences for University of Alabama Students: The Arduengo group provides regular exchange opportunities for undergraduate researchers in laboratories around the world.  The experiences of Joshua Dolphin, Keith Bentley, and Sarah McFann in laboratories in Japan and Germany were mentioned above.  For his Spring Semester of 2014, Wes Taylor spent his time at the Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany.  Wes remained enrolled as a UA student taking UA off-campus courses in Braunschweig that allowed him to continued undelayed progress toward his degree while experiencing study and research abroad.  In Braunschweig, Wes's undergraduate research focused on projects of joint interest to the Arduengo research group and that of Professor Dr. Matthias Tamm in Braunschweig.  During his stay abroad, Wes was able to develop fluency in the German language, an understanding of the German culture, and the outlook on and approach to science in another country. 

For the Spring Semester 2015 two more UA undergraduates will spend their Semester in Mainz, Germany at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in collaboration with the research group of Professor Dr. Till Opatz.

Previous and Current Undergraduate Members of the Arduengo Research Group

Gregory B. Ames (1977-8, U. of Illinois)

Thomas E. Stumpf
("Synthesis and Complexes of N-Methylmonoaza Crown Ethers", 1979, U. of Illinois)

Robert L. Burger, Jr.
("Design and Synthesis of a Crown Ether Ligand for Transition Metals", 1979, U. of Illinois)

Thomas D. Paloumpis
("Studies in the Chemistry of Thioheptalenes", 1980, U. of Illinois)

Eric K. Eisenhart
("Synthesis of Dioxa Analogs of the Trithiapentalene System," 1980, U. of Illinois)

Daniel C. Alter
("The ylides of Diazotetrakis(trifluoromethyl)cyclopentadiene", 1983, U. of Illinois)

Brian L. Benac
("Approaches to the Synthesis of 5-diazo-1,2,3,4-Tetrakis(trifluoromethyl)cyclopentadiene", 1983, U. of Illinois).

Mark B. Mizen
("Attempts toward the Synthesis of the first 10-N-3 Species," 1984, U. of Illinois)

G. Peyton Wood, Jr.
("The Metallation of Oxy-Arenes", 1984, U. of Illinois)

Julia Cooper
("Hydrogen-Bonding Networks of Imidazolium Salts," 2001, U. of Alabama)

Geoffery Hudson (2002, U. of Alabama)

Uriah Kilgore
("Synthesis of Imidazolium Chlorides and Creating a Metal Complex," 2002, U. of Alabama)

Michael Phillips (2004, U. of Alabama)

Keith Bentley (2005-2007, U. of Alabama)

Joshua Dolphin (2005-2007 U. of Alabama)

Ashley Hunter
("Hydrogen Storage with Unusual Valence Structures," 2006,
U. of Alabama)

Andrew Huddleston (2006-2007, U. of Alabama)

Joseph Nelson (2007-2011
, U. of Alabama)

David Dorn (2008-2010
, U. of Alabama)

Michael Eddins (2009-2011
, U. of Alabama)

Stefan Osborn (2009-2011
, U. of Alabama)

Minne Lahoti (2011-2013, U. of Alabama)

Cody Mimms (2012-2013, U. of Alabama)

Qiyang Chen (2012-present, U. of Alabama)

Sarah McFann (2013, U. of Alabama)

Garrett Taylor (2013, U. of Alabama)

Connor Smith (2013, U. of Alabama)

Brittany Allums (2013, U. of Alabama)

Wes Taylor (2013-2014, U. of Alabama)

Matthew Studer (2014-present, U. of Alabama)

Tristan McGinnis (2014-present, U. of Alabama)