Postdoctoral and
Undergraduate Researchers sought


The Arduengo research group at Georgia Tech seeks individuals with accomplished experience in synthetic organic chemistry, Schlenk line, drybox techniques, and stoichiometric manipulation of gaseous reagents. A Ph.D. in Chemistry is required. Experience working on high vacuum lines with sealed glass equipment is preferred. Experience with photochemical transformations and a desire to learn additional light driven chemistry would be advantageous. A knowledge of and ability to apply advanced spectroscopic and characterization methods including NMR, uv-vis, MS are necessary. Successful candidates must be highly motivated self-starters with an ability to interact with a diverse international research team having collaboration partners in laboratories around the world. The work may include synthetic design and refinement of processes associated with the production of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs) in collaboration with the Medicines for All Institute, new synthetic strategies for the repatriation of critical chemical manufacturing infrastructure, and the design and synthesis of molecules with unusual reactivity and structure. Fluency in English is required and fluency in German is highly desired. Some projects will require clearance to operate on technology under federal export control (U.S. citizenship).

Undergraduate Researchers:

Dedicated and enthusiastic undergraduates are welcome in the group as laboratory space permits.  Some experience in chemical laboratory techniques is required and a willingness to commit time to the pursuit of scientific excellence and knowledge in service to humankind is required.  Available projects include the Medicines for All effort, chemical sustainability, BARDA projects, and new functional group chemistry.