Awards  & Fellowships
    Charles M. Knight Lectureship, University of Akron, April 2013.

    Elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, November 2007.

    Walter J. Chute Lectureship, Dalhousie University, October 1999.

    1996 Gold Medal for "Excellence in Main Group Chemistry Research" from The International Council on Main Group Chemistry

    Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Prize, 1996

    A. J. Garing Award, ΚΚΨ Iota Chapter, 1973

    NSF Undergraduate Fellowship, 1972, 1973

Grants, and Contracts

∑ NSF “Ligand Design and Catalysis with Terrestrially Abundant Elements - An International Collaboration" with Prof. Matthias Tamm, Braunschweig, Germany. Pending.

The Center for Sustainable Chemical Technology, National Science Foundation with Stephen S. Fong, Virginia Commonwealth U.; Frank Gupton – Virginia Commonwealth Chemistry and Biochemistry; D. Tyler McQuade (Co-PI) – Florida State U., Chemistry and Biochemistry. Pending.

∑ Solar Energy Capture and Photovoltaics Based on Novel Panchromatic Dyes. University of Alabama Research Stimulation Program 2011-2013

∑ Synthesis and Design of Dyes with Non-linear Optical Properties Lightwave Logic. Inc. 2010-2011

∑ DOE “Main Group Element Chemistry in Service of Hydrogen Storage and Activation” $1.25MM 1/1/05-12/31/10

∑ NSF “Synthesis and Chemistry of Unusual Valence Structures” $360M 6/04-12/07

∑ JSP “Core-to-Core Research Collaboration with Japan”

∑ HBFG “Einkristalldiffraktometer (Technische Universitšt – Braunschweig) “ $644M 06/05-06/08

∑ Merck Research Support, 1978-1982

∑ New and Unusual Bonding Systems and Silyl Esters of Inorganic Acids; National Science

Foundation CHE-7720862,1978-1981, 1981-1984

∑ Research Corporation Grant, 1977

∑ Du Pont Young Faculty Support, 1977

∑ ACS-PRF Type G Grant, 1977-1980